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Houston Mobile Notary Public Services    

        Many businesses and individuals require services of a notary public every day.
        Yet, commuting to notary offices in Houston and its areas can often be difficult.  
        With Houston On-Call's mobile notary assistance those issues have a solution.
        A representative will come to you/your location within scheduled appointments.     
        Competitive rates, after-hours service, and weekend results are often available. 

        Note: Services are now focused as nights, 6:30 to 9:00, and weekends overall.

        Houston On-Call Notary is a primary resource: mobile notary for affidavits, wills,
        powers of attorney, medical directive, verification, acknowledgement and oaths. 
        Courier and (or) overnight drop assistance may also be combined with notary 
        services for overall support.  A mobile notary public is a phone call away:

(713) 498-1328
                                                              Houston Notary Solutions

     * * * *
                                                        Houston Mobile Notary:
Medical Records, Affidavits, and D.Qs. 
                                     Powers of Attorney, Wills, Verifications
                                     Notary for Acknowledgement and Oath  
                                     Record Retrieval & Business Subpoena 

                                              Houston Notary & Courier:                                     
                                     State Subpoenas and Proofs of Service  
                                     Mobile Notary Public & Records Return   
                                     Notarized Documents Mailing Services  
                                     Drops: UPS, FedEx, USPS, Lone Star  

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